Hatching Schedule 2019

Black Australorp

The Australorp has been available at Dunlap Hatchery since we began business. Our strain is a pure strain that has developed over the years into one fine layer. Imported originally from Australia as a dual-purpose breed, the Australorp set a world record laying 364 eggs in 365 days. Although they are black in color, when their feathers are touched by sunshine, you will see shades of green reflecting from their plumage. Chicks are mostly black with a white coloring on their underbelly.
Cockerels$1.80 $1.70 $1.50 $1.30 $0.60
Pullets$3.00 $2.90 $2.75 $2.60
Straight Run$2.30 $2.20 $2.05 $1.90
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